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BHJ is only the best damn chatroom on the 'net! The chat was originally created for users of Bonehurtingjuice on reddit, but by now they are not so much connected parts of the same community as the subreddit is a joke for the chat members. Think of the reddit subscribers as sovereign citizens and the discord members as the Bogdanoffs.

Today BHJ is a chill general community lounge for chill general chat. We talk about politics, the arts, and whatever celeb goss is trending like everyone else, but we do it better, funnier, and less annoyingly. And yes... we're also tech heads. We have over 500 emotes available that you can use globally for free without nitro, plus we have the Nadeko bot available. Join today and make some new friends!

The domain name is ironic. I swear I only like big chungus irionically

P.S. Also check out our sister community steampunk roleplay server